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Posted: 1 Oct '19

What to Do When You Discover Hail Damage on Your Vehicle

Hail damage dent repair Edmonton

Hailstorms are infamous for the demolition they leave in their wake. It is always wise to lock up your vehicle in the garage for safety. However, the hail may catch up with you when you are far from home, or maybe your garage can’t accommodate all your vehicles.

When the storm is over, take time and inspect the vehicle to see if it suffered dents, broken/cracked windshield, mirrors, and windows. If the vehicle is okay, then bless you. If it indeed got hail damage, fret not, for we got you covered. You can get your vehicle back in shape through the following steps.

Call your insurance provider.

It is important you call your insurance provider for guidance. Your current insurance policy may have your car covered under such scenarios. Hail damage dent repair may not have been specified in the insurance policy, and contacting them directly is the surest way of determining whether they will take care of the damage or you will have to dig into your pocket. They will further take time to explain why your car can or can’t be fixed in reference to your insurance policy terms.

Assessment and appraisal of the damage.

The response you get from your insurance provider determines whether you qualify for coverage. The insurance thus sends an officer to asses the damage caused, and appraise it in readiness for compensation. These officers note every damage caused by the hail and determine how much it may cost to repair your vehicle. Some insurance firms prefer to take care of the repair process, while others may opt to pay up an equivalent of the damage caused and let you seek a repair service.

Seek the services of a reputable repair shop.

Once the appraisal is done, and your insurance gives you the go-ahead to seek a repair service, you should find a reputable repair shop. This should also be your next step should your insurance say that your policy doesn’t cover hail damage. Trusted repair shops have skilled and experienced technicians, who can fix your car fast and restore its original shape. 

Final Thoughts

Hail storms can leave your car with sizeable dents. These dents need to be repaired fast, by professional, while still following the right procedures. For the residents of Edmonton, and nearby towns, we are your leading solution for hailstorm dents repair. Come see us today!