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Posted: 1 Sep '19

What Can You Do To Repair Hail Damage Dents on Your Car?

Most hail storms typically last only five minutes, but they can cause extensive damage to your vehicle. Most of this damage is cosmetic and may only consist of dings and dents. However, if the storm is fierce, there may be more damage such as windshield and glass shattering. In either case, it is recommended that you arrange for hail damage dent repair.

What are the Two Methods of Hail Damage Dent Repair?

1. Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Paintless dent removal is the process where dents are pushed out of the body panel while preventing damage to your vehicle’s paint. Your skilled paintless dent repair technician will use specialized tools to massage all hail damage dents and dings out of your vehicles body.

This technique does not require the repainting of your vehicle. Therefore PDR will save you money. In most cases, minor dings, dents, and scuffs can be professionally removed by paintless dent removal. However, PDR can only be performed by a qualified professional to avoid any damage to the paint. Sometimes heat is applied to avoid cracking or chipping your vehicle’s paint. With this method, there will be zero trace that your vehicle panel had been damaged.

Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

  • Preserves the original finish
  • Enhances the resale value
  • Saves you money
  • Faster repair times
  • Environmentally safe

2. Conventional Body Repair

This is where dents and irregularities on your vehicle’s body are ironed out by use of body filler. This may be effective for deep dents, but the repair time is generally longer since the damaged parts must be primed and repainted.

Why a Hail Specialist?

Hail causes severe and unsightly damage to vehicles. Choosing the right hail damage dent repair shop in Edmonton is crucial. You will not only get comprehensive service, but most importantly your vehicle will be restored to its original state.

If your vehicle is in need of hail repair, get in touch with us for all your hail damage dent repair needs in Edmonton.