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Posted: 1 Mar

The Burning Questions About Autobody Painting

The Burning Questions About Autobody Painting

The appearance of your car is good for physical appeal and adds significant value to your vehicle. Before you take your car for autobody painting after a collision, many questions will definitely go through your head. Some of the questions you are likely to ask yourself are listed and answered below. Visit us today for autobody painting.

How do I obtain a claim number?

Your insurance provider will give you a claim number once you report the accident and they appraise the damage. Save the claim number somewhere, and hand it in when you bring your vehicle for repair and autobody painting. Once the vehicle and claim number are in our possession, we will handle the repair process.

Can parts be ordered earlier?

Unfortunately, no. It is difficult to asses the damage done by looking at the outside, and thus we resolve to repair the vehicle from inside. Once the disassembly is done, it is then determined the number of parts that need replacing and one comprehensive order made.

Do you match the required paints and colors?

The paint job is a multi-layered process, which utilizes the finest colors and technology to ensure that we match the color to the factory paint. So, yes, we do make finishes that match the factory paint and give the car a whole new look.

How long it takes to repaint my car?

The disassembly and ordering of parts may take time. Once the order is made and delivered, we always contact you and give a scheduled completion date. On average, the whole repair and paint job takes an average of 8-10 days, which includes weekends.

Do you offer transport to your clients after they drop their cars?

Yes, we gladly drop clients back after they bring their cars. We even pick and drop the car ourselves after an agreement.

Can I get a rental while my vehicle undergoes repair?

We can help you arrange for a rental while your car undergoes the repair. Your cover may provide for a car in the terms, and we will be glad to help you source and get a rental during this time.

How do I get notified that my vehicle is done?

You will be called and notified when your vehicle is repaired and ready. You can enquire on the same via call or email.

What are the warranty terms?

All repairs are guaranteed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. However, the parts are not covered in this warranty.

What are the terms on the deductible?

Your insurance provider may waive the deductible if it is a broad collision, and you weren’t at fault. Your insurance will further advise you if you are liable to pay any deductible.

When and where is the deductible paid?

You will have to make the payment to us in the event your deductible is not waived.

What forms of payment are accepted at your autobody painting shop?

We accept:

  • Cash and personal checks (up to $500)
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

However, the insurance claim submitted to our shop is the easiest and the most convenient payment method.

When Can I Wash My Car?

After a fresh paint job, it is advisable to desist from washing your vehicle at a commercial carwash, using stiff brushes, wiping it down, and driving on gravel roads.

Washing your vehicle in the shade, using clean and fresh water with a very mild solution and a soft sponge is highly recommended for the first 30 days.

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