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Posted: 1 Jun '19

Rock Chipped Old Car Got You Down? An Autobody Painting Job May Boost Your Mood! Here’s What You Should Consider Before Painting

Do you really need to paint your vehicle? Does the extent of wear warrant a paint job? There are instances where the cost of the paint job exceeds the value of your vehicle. It is wise to confirm the value of your car before you make a decision. 

2. Why You Need the Paint Job

For your autobody painting job to be done right, it is critical that you point out the problem with your paint. It could be spotting or discoloration that happens when natural contaminants such as tar, acid rain, and bird droppings come into contact with your car. Another common problem is cracking of the top coat. Chipping and scratching are also prevalent in accident situations.

3. Know Your Car Paint

There are three main types of car paint. There is the metallic type that is commonly used on sports cars. It is eye-catching but can be difficult to repair. The acrylic type is easy to apply and glossy, though it may get damaged easily. There is also urethane paint that is easy to apply and considered quite durable. Whether you are painting a new color or matching the existing one; professional auto body painting services will help ensure your car is painted the right shade.

4. Quality

Quality may be the difference between a great and horrible paint job. There are some factors that can contribute to a paint job going bad. An inexperienced person ranks highly on the list. A defective painting system could be another reason which includes the paint itself. However, having qualified professional auto body painting services guarantees quality.

5. Prep Prep Prep

What is proper prepping for auto body painting? This mainly entails lots of sanding and dismantling. Quality auto body painting will ensure that most of the exterior parts that don’t require painting are removed for a flawless job. Sanding is also critical when prepping for painting; the paint job will be more beautiful when the exterior is properly smoothed.

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