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Posted: 1 Nov '19

Key Questions to Ask Your Autobody Shop

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Doing due diligence for all matters concerning your car repair may take some time, but it’s worth every minute. A skilled mechanic will adequately repair your car, whether it got involved in an accident, or for the normal servicing. Asking questions is a sure way of determining whether you will get the services you need for your vehicle. Evaluate all the answers you get, and try to discern the level of confidence, weigh whether somebody could be unsure or lying, and then make a decision.

1. How Good Are You at this?

Mechanics have expertise in different areas. You may be in need of repainting services while the mechanic is good in suspension systems. Enquire on their expertise and previous experience in the service you need. An autobody shop will certainly have personnel who can fully address your issue.

2. Can I Get a Quote for The Service?

This is a question you should ask before you hand in your car for repair. Though the quoted figure may increase or decrease, it gives a rough estimate of how much the service will cost you. Note that, the car may have suffered extensive internal damage which can further increase the cost of repair.

3. Is My Car Likely to Come Out Looking New?

This may sound like a cheeky question, especially if your car is visibly old, and in pretty bad shape. Ads can be misleading and may make you anticipate picking your car later looking like it just rolled off the production line. Asking this question prepares you for the eventual repair result. If they assure you that your vehicle will look new, then, well and good. If they say they will try their best, then, good for you. At least you will come to pick your car, not expecting gold only to find silver.

4. What is Your Specialty?

It is good to know what a repair shop specializes in. Mechanics are ever glad to declare what they trained and got certified in. They should further tell you if they have ever handled a similar car model as yours, with a similar problem as yours. It is heartbreaking to realize you left your car in the hands of a clueless person, who worsened the problem and wasted your precious time.

5. Do You Have a Warranty?

A written warranty is one document that not only shows you that this is a reputable repair shop but also gives you peace of mind during the whole repair process. The warranty covers the services offered, which guarantees high-quality services. It however, does not include the spare parts that are purchased during the repair process.

Final Thoughts

You may choose to ask the above questions casually while seated in your car, or seriously in an office while writing down the responses. Either way, the answers will help you make the decision whether to hand them your car keys or look for another repair shop with more reassuring mechanics. If you reside in Edmonton though, you are safe, our mechanics will professionally restore your car to the specifications you will give.