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Posted: 1 May '19

“It’ll Buff Out” Professional Edmonton Collision Repair and How You Can Get Your Car Looking Brand New After an Accident

A collision can be a traumatic experience; hence it is critical that you get professional Edmonton collision repair service. Your car will be towed from the collision scene to our shop where we will work with your insurance company for high-quality collision repairs. Whether you’ve sustained a fender bender or your car has suffered major damage, a professional collision repair shop will definitely come in handy.

Cars continue to become complex with advancements in the motor vehicle industry. There was a time that all was required was fixing of the paint and bent metal components. However, car parts today are made from more advanced materials, therefore, requiring specialized repairs.

What Does Edmonton Collision Repair Entail?

When we talk about collision repair what first comes to mind is the visual or cosmetic aspect of the damage. However, professional collision repair entails a totality of all corrections that need to be made to make the vehicle road worthy.

What is The Restoration Process?

To restore a vehicle to its pre-accident condition our collision specialist first assesses extent of the damage. Professional Edmonton collision repair shops the use specialized equipment. This includes advanced ultrasound and precise lasers to measure and straighten modern vehicle frames that are mostly built on a unibody or sub frame foundation.

Edmonton collision repair shops make use of the latest technology for color matching and paint application. A database is used to match your Vehicle’s Identification Number (VIN) to retrieve the precise factory paint codes, manufacturing dates and all other information to determine the original finishing of the vehicle.

While damage to a vehicle’s frame, body, and painting are obvious; suspension or engine damage can go unnoticed. Our professionals are equipped with the latest training and tools to restore structural integrity and road performance to ensure safety.

Common Collision Repair Services

  • Windshield Repair: Windshields are cracked, broken or even shattered in most collisions. Our technicians will restore your windshield to the standards set by the manufacturer.

  • Auto Painting: Your painting is likely to have been chipped, scratched or damaged. We use the latest computerized paint matching technology to restore your paint to its original state.

  • Auto Glass Repair: It is critical that you repair damaged laminated glass after a collision to ensure safety. We make sure that laminated glass is restored to pre-accident condition.

Looking for Edmonton collision repair? Our professionally trained collision repair specialists use state of the art technology to get your car back to its original state. Give us a call today!