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Posted: 1 Jul '19

Get Your Car Looking Brand New Again! What an Autobody Shop Can Do for You and What You Should Know

Why drive a car that is looking all worn out? You may be postponing visiting your autobody shop. Some of your reasons may be time and money constraints. However, you have no excuse for driving a vehicle that’s not aesthetically appealing.

Contrary to popular belief fixing damage on the body of your car is much more than improving its appearance. Procrastinating auto body repairs in some cases leads to more nerve-wracking issues.

What Can an Autobody Shop Do For You?

1. Mechanical Repairs

Mechanical repairs begin with a close personal inspection and well detailed computerized assessment. Every professional autobody shop in Edmonton is now equipped with the latest mechanical repair technology to ensure the accuracy of repairs. Professionals know where there could be hidden damage on your vehicle, even though it may not be obvious.

2. Frame Repair

When repairing frames a highly-specialized spot welder that is designed to specifically weld the inner structure of automobiles is used. The frame on your vehicle is the foundation and determines other aspects of your vehicle. To guarantee safety and performance, it must remain as strong as when it left the factory. Certified technicians ensure quality repair of your frame. Whether you’re repairing your frame to maintain the resale value or just want to continue using it quality frame repair is critical.

3. Body Repair

Modern automobiles have a uni-body construction that requires special attention from qualified technicians. A professional shop will pay close attention to hidden damage on your vehicle’s body so that safety and performance are not compromised. Repair at an autobody shop ensures that your body remains as if it were new.

4. Paint Work

Autobody shops use state of the art technology for factory paint repair finishes that incorporate only recommended products. This guarantees repair with factory paint match that has the exact texture, hue, and gloss. This process caters for high-end automotive finishes.

5. Detailing

You must be familiar to that feeling of riding in a finely detailed vehicle. If your car has been in an accident or is just worn out professional detailing will pay special attention to the exterior and interior. Your vehicle will give you the deja vu of driving it out of the show room.

6. Aluminum Repair

Your vehicle may have an aluminum body structure. With aluminum repair, special equipment and lots of professional man hours are needed to get the job done right, quick and cost-efficiently.

Don't drive your worn out looking car any longer with the services and autobody shop can provide. 

Get in touch with us today to not only maintain the aesthetics of your vehicle, but also the safety and performance!