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Posted: 1 Dec '19

Do You Have to Use the Autobody Shop Your Insurance Provider Suggests?

After experiencing car damage due to accidents, most insurance companies will recommend you to a repair shop. This might be confusing especially if you have your own trusted autobody shop and are afraid you may not get as good services from their recommended shops. The big question is, is it a must that you go by their choice?

Go for what you think is best

Following the recommendation of using their autobody shop should not be an option. This is because you have a right to choose. If you worry about the issue of quality, just take your car to your trusted shop. Sometimes, these insurance companies insist that, by not choosing the autobody shop they recommend, your coverage can be limited. That's a big white lie. Just go for your trusted shop.

Insurance companies have contracts with repair shops

Insurance firms usually have a formal agreement with autobody shops. By selecting these recommended shops means the insurance company will have monetary gain. They receive discounted labor and repair materials making it cheap for them when paying out the claims. These do not guarantee you quality but will benefit the insurance company. So don’t be swayed.

Insurance companies know how to convince you

Insurance companies would like at least 45 % of insurance claims to be channeled to their autobody shops. If they find out that you are not interested in their recommendations, they might start telling you that the shop you chose is not on the list of their preferred shops. They might go ahead and tell you that, the process of completing the estimates of claim will take longer to be written. They will also tell you that by not repairing in their recommended shop, you will not get a repair warranty. All these are efforts of the insurance companies to arm-twist you into opting for their suggested repair shop. Don’t be scared because even the best shops out there, provides unlimited warranty regardless of who is facilitating the payment.

Make yourself aware

Any autobody shops are very keen to handle your insurance claim and even repair your car in a very efficient manner. The auto repair shop estimators are very well conversant with your firm's claim procedures which makes the process of doing estimates in a simple manner within a short period of time.

It Is Your Choice

Regardless of whether your insurance companies give you a shop recommendation, the choice will remain yours. Ensure that you don’t fall into their trap. Just stand your ground and choose a reputable auto repair shop of yours and you will get a quality repair on time. Make an effort to seek advice from your workmates or friends . Add more effort by doing research on the internet and other publications and you will get the best out of your informed choices. For residents of Edmonton and neighboring areas, Jaehn’s Autobody has you covered. Contact us today!